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A little bit more bandwith

Wednesday, 03-Aug-2011

Something happend...

It is not really "Breitband" but better than nothing. And better than before: DSL 2000

So my plea for more bandwith finally was heard! And we really can use it here... in the middle of nowhere

The speed-up was realized with Rate Adaptive Mode. It is a technique to handle speed rates of DSL connections dynamically. For the long history of T-DSL RAM see this thread at onlinekosten.de (german).

More of this bandwith please

Tuesday, 18-Aug-2009

This is my vote for this thing called "Breitbandstrategie der Bundesregierung":

It's time something faster comes to this place!

Backups: eSata, USB and FreeBSD

Wednesday, 25-Mar-2009

Backups are stored on external harddrives here. Important data is stored on the Family Server and from there I regularly make backups with tar onto a USB harddisk (using a dirty bash script that has no intelligence: sorry, no listing).

Recently I've grabbed a external enclosure with hotswap as well as USB 2.0 and eSata ports (FANTEC MR-35US2). Until now I didn't had the time to play with eSata and the mainboard also doesn't have a real eSata port. A tiny adapter in a slot bracked solved this issue and after the update to FreeBSD 7.1 it felt right to give it a shot.

A quick read on some mailinglists and forums revealed that after powering on the disk and connecting it via eSata a # atacontrol attach channel-no should do the trick. Well: it did not, at first. I got # atacontrol: ioctl(IOCATAATTACH): File exists

Some tries later I found that detaching it first (though there was nothing attached previously) works: # atacontrol detach channel-no # atacontrol attach channel-no Now the drive is ready for mounting.

Some notes after testing:

  • detach first, then attach
  • never connect USB and eSata at the same time
  • plugin in the harddrive correctly: you need to hear it spin up after powering on

I did some benchmarking with bonnie to get a feeling of possible speed improvements. Used disk is a SAMSUNG SP0411C/R/UU100-05 40GB drive: -------Sequential Output-------- ---Sequential Input-- --Random-- -Per Char- --Block--- -Rewrite-- -Per Char- --Block--- --Seeks--- Machine MB K/sec %CPU K/sec %CPU K/sec %CPU K/sec %CPU K/sec %CPU /sec %CPU usb-40 1000 25078 19.7 24524 4.6 11110 2.4 17058 19.7 23623 2.4 483.9 0.9 esata-40 1000 52018 40.5 50939 9.6 16946 3.6 27835 32.0 41307 4.0 565.2 1.0 It's just a testdisk, backups are done to a 360GB Western Digital drive. I may repeat benchmarking with that one. Just need to do some more testing to see if eSata is stable enough to do backups with it.

Upgraded (finally)

Sunday, 22-Jun-2008

Finally I have moved my little server to the new hardware. I had to use a very inefficient PSU so the power-consumption of the idle system more than doubled (from ~21W to ~44W). Maybe I'll grab some PicoPSU to get reduce this. All hardware notes to the system are in Our Server.

For comparison and sentimental ;) reasons the old systems description is still available here.

Upgrading thoughts (2)

Monday, 02-Jun-2008

After some more searching and even more thoughts ;) I've grabbed some cheap hardware for my little server:

  • ABIT AN-M2
  • AMD Sempron64 LE-1100
  • 1GB MDT DDR2 Ram
  • Arctic Cooling Alpine 7

Having attached a 500GB Samsung HD501LJ and a temporary DVD-Rom I installed FreeBSD Release 7.0. Well, let's see which of my requirements (see previous news) are met:

  • FreeBSD > 7 compatible - OK
  • onboard Nvidia/Marvell combination with nfe driver, OK
  • a minimum of 4 Sata Ports - OK
  • eSata
  • underclocking/undervolting via OS or BIOS to reduce power consumption - OK
  • optional: onboard graphics that can be disabled. OS can boot without it. - partly OK, saves no power
  • ATX/µATX - OK, its µATX
  • overall power consumption less than 50W idle - OK, its less than 45W idle
    • ~41W idle with 100Mbit link and powerd
    • ~44W idle with 1000Mbit link and powerd
    • ~49W idle with 100Mbit link without powerd

FreeBSD was installed as i386, it's just for testing. What saved me ~8W idle and put the system down to around 45W is powerd (QnC enabled in BIOS is a requirement!). Enabling it in rc.conf was easy done with:

powerd_enable="YES" powerd_flags="-a min -b min"

Upgrading thoughts

Sunday, 18-May-2008

Since I'll have Gbit capable wiring in my new home, I need to find some hardware that can make use of it. My current stuff is using 100Mbit NICs only, except for my MPPC. The clients will probably be upgraded 'automatically' when hardware is exchanged.

What troubles me is my little server. The current Epia VE5000 is too slow. Even if I put in a Gbit NIC the processer would be too slow. The only PCI slot is taken by a USB 2.0 adapter, anyway. And since it's running 24h a day I'm looking for fast, meaning Gbit capable, and energy efficient hardware. Cost is also a criteria, of course. Focus is on the mainboard since it defines all other components.

Some unsorted requirements:

  • FreeBSD > 7 compatible
  • Gbit NIC != Realtek, Marvell or Intel would be good
  • a minimum of 4 Sata Ports
  • eSata
  • underclocking/undervolting via OS or BIOS to reduce power consumption
  • optional: onboard graphics that can be disabled. OS can boot without it.
  • ATX/µATX
  • overall power consumption below 50W idle

I found the forum at meisterkuehler.de/forum (german) very useful. They have a special section for energy saving and lots of people post their setups with power measurements.


Thursday, 15-May-2008

We're currently renovating a new home: my girlfriend and me have to be out of our current appartment on July 31th. Besides all the thougts about a new kitchen and bath, energy-saving windows, what type of floor,...

... I have grabbed 500m of CAT7 cable. Half of it has been put into walls/pipes.

Future network distribution room

Future network distribution room (1)

Future network distribution room

Future network distribution room (2):

Look out for those cables!

Found the cable?

The only problem is: most of my hardware is 100Mbit only, so some effort will need to be put into upgrading thoughts. I'd be happy to fully load those cables with some bits!

Some more coffee (musik)

Sunday, 16-Mar-2008

Have some different 'coffee musik': johncoffe.de/Musik

johncoffee - cover

A coffee a day ...

Wednesday, 12-Mar-2008

Accidentally produced some sort of Latte art when I just wanted to have my double shot espresso with foamed milk.


Try searching youtube or google for Latte art or just follow the link to wikipedia above and some Barista will show you what real Latte art is about!

... produced with my Silvia.

Playing with a new template

Friday, 15-Feb-2008

I'm playing with a new look for my website. It's a template from Open Source Web Design named Coffee N Cream made by Arcsin. It's not hard to integrate such a template into Etomite, but finding all the details takes some time.

Please be patient if something looks strange, I'll try to fix it within the next days.

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